We are a craft store that originated from Houston, Texas. Our store was opened in year 2002 and has been growing ever since. Now we have a new store in San Antonio called Eva's Crafts. Our store specialize in centerpieces on Baby Shower, Baptisms, Mis 15, Sweet 16, Communion, and Wedding items. We sell over 1500 craft items that includes tiaras, ribbons, ruffles, chair bows, chair covers, table covers, specialized pillows, flowers, etc. The centerpieces you see on our website are all materials made from our store. If you want to order any centerpieces you can contact us at our store in San Antonio. You can order from us to make it or to buy the materials to make it yourself. We recommend you buying the materials and make it yourself because it will be a lot cheaper. Also we will have a great assistant who can instruct you how to make the sample item with no extra charge at all.

New Items!

Cake Stand

Crystal Candle Light Holder

Candle Holder

Light Tube

Crystal Stand Set

Large Candle Stand Set

Crystal Cake Stand

Lotus Candle Holder

LED Tee Light(Blow on/off)

Crystal Candle Holder With Lights

Party Hall Favor

Glitter Branch

Chandelier With Lights

15" Paris Eiffel Tower

Colorful Remote Controlled Lights

Changing Color Light

Diamond Wrap 4.5in by 10yd

Diamond Cut LED Submerged Lights

Eiffel Tower

Jelly Beads

Mask with Feathers

Zebra Ribbon

Vase with Pink Light

Vase with Feathers

Vase with Feathers on Bottom

Vase with Mask

Lightup Carriage

Star Wire with 15

Floating Ice Cube Light

Submersible Light

Submersible String Light

Sample #337a

Sample #337b

Arch Light

String Light in Vase

Ice Example

Jelly with Light Example

Jelly Example




24" Half-body Porcelain Doll with Arch(Decorated)

18" Porcelain Umbrella Doll with Star Arch(Decorated)

18" Porcelain Umbrella Doll with 15 Arch(Decorated)

24" Half-body Porcelain Umbrella Doll with 15 Arch(Decorated)

16" Half-Body Porcelain Doll w/ Feet and Stand

Star Cup Holder

Sample #298

Sample #296

Star Pilow (L&S)

Butterfly Guest Book&Pen

Castle Album&Bible

Castle Cup&Cake Knife

Item#M6908, #M6522, #M6134

Crystal Light#1, #2, #3,#4

Item# 15866

16" Porcelain Doll in Carriage(XL)(Decorated)

Item# 14086 and #14083


Sample #330

Star (1")

LED Tee Light (Turn on/off)